I was getting ready to go to sleep after a long night at work, when the Holy Spirit suggested I write a blog. Lately, I haven’t been as on top of it as I was when I was just writing on Tumblr, I’m seemed to be more disciplined at that point, but God has His ways.

The Holy Spirit suggested I look at Matthew 8:9,10, a rather interesting set of verses. I wasn’t entirely sure why until I got there and as God seemed to tug on my heart repeatedly I knew it was something I must figure out.

The part I often over look is the fact that this is a gentile, I’ll read the word centurion and accept it without thought as normal given my familiarity with the story and move on, but that detail has significant place in this story. The man who best understood Jesus’ authority, was a foreign oppressor, a foreign enemy. He was not a Jew, but a gentile, and he was a high ranking officer in the roman military, which, was oppressing and ruling over the Jews.

So, ironically, the dude who should have been questioning Jesus the most and perhaps even challenging Him, or worse, arresting him, says, “hey, Lord my servant is paralyzed and tormented” with the implication of asking Jesus to help him in this scenario. Two crazy things we don’t think about, romans often worshipped pegan gods, idols, and even the emperor, but this very foreigner says, “Lord” to Jesus. He comes to Jesus knowing that He can heal  his servant and fully expects Him too, something we should learn, and a posture we should come to God with.

After acknowledging Jesus’ divinity in verse 6, he acknowledges Jesus’ royalty and power in verse 8. He tells him that he is not worthy to have Him under his roof, a reverence that we can learn, and a faith in the fact that Jesus could heal with just a word. The centurion understood that Jesus could heal with just a word, because he understood his own authority which God had given him, and because he knew what he could do, he knew that Jesus was capable of far more, and that that which seems impossible, is possible with God, He understood God’s capacity to do things.

The centurion knew that if he could tell men to do things, that Jesus, the God of the universe, had authority over all things, and He could just as easily ask a mountain to move, as He could heal his servant with but a word.


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