Have you ever been to Blizzcon? I have, and I must say, it’s amazing. My wife and I went in 2015, and again this year. It has to be one of the most accepting, embracing, and fun loving gaming communities that we’ve had the pleasure to be a part of. If you love Blizzard’s games, or even know of their games, you should go.


The Chair

There was tons of stuff to see this year, as there always is, but one of the coolest aspects was how accommodating Blizzcon was for my wife. My wife was recently in a car accident, and is unable to walk for prolonged periods of time without pain(or walk without pain in general). If you’ve ever been to any kind of convention before then you know that it’s essentially all walking. The last time we went to Blizzcon my wife was in good health, but this time around, I pushed her through almost the entire con in a wheel chair. Honestly, I think we were expecting to be mistreated or treated poorly, but the community really stepped it up, and allowed us to skip to the front of the line because of our disabled placards, and they also kept chairs for us at nearly every place we went, which, was amazing btw. Other than me dying from the dreaded Con Plague, and from pushing her all over the place, Blizzard really created an amazing experience for anyone with disabilities. Tons of blue shirts(blizzard employees), also helped us to obtain backpack badges, point us in the correct direction of disability services, and helped us to obtain collectibles and badges throughout the con. More importantly though, it was noticeable that the community actually cared, and wanted to help my wife, which was a nice change of pace.

The Community

I don’t think I’ve ever made friends so quickly anywhere as I did at Blizzcon. We made a friend in the merch line, where we spent wayyy too much money btw, his name was Levi, a top 32 raider, and he essentially hung out with us for two days straight. Honestly, all I did was say hi, and not only was he super receptive, but we totally hit it off.


Additionally, almost all of the people we talked to outside and inside the con were super nice and accommodating, we almost instantly became friends with anyone we talked to. We met some amazing Blizzard employees at the diversity meet up, and were able to achieve the amazing Blizzard community badge.


The End

The most depressing part about Blizzcon 2017, was the ending. We made so many new friends, and had so many awesome experiences, that it’s hard to believe it’s a week later. In fact, it’s kind of sad. Jesus said, you will know them by their love, and I feel like this is a perfect way to express our adventure at Blizzcon. We made a lot of connections because we just reached out and said, hi, and honestly, I’m sad we didn’t say hi to more people in 2015. I look forward to making many more friends at Blizzcon 2018, and spreading and receiving even more love next year than we did this one.


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